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    Sharing my ‘anthem to yaoi’ that I sang a few days back… haha B’D

  2. It’s your fault!
    Your fault!
    Your fault!

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こまめ きくこ
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  7. somehow this scene for me was more like

    • Fan fiction with fluff: Read in the corner of your bed with all the lights off at midnight while you giggle and blush
    • Fan fiction with smut: Read in very public places or with family with a perfectly straight face
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    blond kensho! (ᅌᴗᅌ* )
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    Mikoshiba Momotarou || Episode 10

    "What are you talking about? There’s still next year, and the year after. And the year after that, and the year after that too! As long as we live, we still have plenty more summers ahead! There’s no such thing as a ‘last summer!’ …At least, that’s what my brother always says."

  10. 名探偵登場!?



    Going to translate slowly but it will get done. Thank you for understanding.

    The Appearance of The Great Detective?!
    TADOKORO: Original concept by Watanabe Wataru.
    ONODA: TV Anime “Yowamushi Pedal” Drama CD.
    KINJOU: “Off the Road 2.”

    x x x

    [ARAKITA enters the clubroom]

    ARAKITA: Yo… What, no one else is here yet?
    SHINKAI: Hey there, Yasutomo. You’re early today.
    ARAKITA: !? Tch, you were here, Shinkai?
    SHINKAI: Well, that’s rude.
    ARAKITA: If someone sitting by the windows and keeping quiet suddenly spoke to you, you’d be surprised too.
    SHINKAI: Ahaha, sorry, sorry. I was absorbed with reading.
    ARAKITA: Reading? Oh, another detective novel?
    SHINKAI: Yep. I just finished it.
    ARAKITA: I can’t believe you read the same kind of book over and over without getting tired of it. They all follow the same pattern, don’t they? There’s a murder, then the detective figures out the key to the murder, and in the end they go “You’re the murderer!” doesn’t it?
    SHINKAI: That’s rather blunt. I think there are other aspects besides that which make detective novels so interesting.
    ARAKITA: Hah? Other aspects? Like what?
    SHINKAI: Well, let’s see… I guess the biggest pleasure of all is figuring out the murderer yourself as you read.
    ARAKITA: Figuring out the murderer, huh…
    SHINKAI: It feels like you’re putting yourself to the test against the trick that the author designed.
    ARAKITA: Hmm… To the test, huh? Let me see that.
    SHINKAI: Eh? Ah, this book? Uh, this one actually has a peculiar story so it won’t exactly fit what I just said, so…
    ARAKITA: Quit blabbing and let me see it.
    SHINKAI: Um… All right. Here.
    ARAKITA: “The Great Detective Nodasaka Michio’s Great Case File Series No. 1 — The Case of the Tokyo Dracula Serial Murderer,” huh? Hmm…
    SHINKAI: That book doesn’t really concern itself with deductions, so, um…
    ARAKITA: [opens the book] Let’s see…
    SHINKAI: It got its hype from an online review right after it was released, so, well, to explain, as a detective novel—
    ARAKITA: No, Shinkai, you don’t need to explain. I got it.
    SHINKAI: Eh? You got what?
    ARAKITA: You’re done with reading this, right?

    x x x

    TOUDOU: That was quite entertaining, Izumida, Manami!
    IZUMIDA: You shouldn’t have jumped out at that moment, Manami.
    MANAMI: But it was Toudou-san who made me. That was a sly thing to do, making a sudden move there.
    TOUDOU: Wahaha! Anyone would have done the same in that case! [opens the clubroom door] Oh, by the way, Manami. Since you lost, you bring the detergent from the equipment room as promised.
    MANAMI: You were being serious?! That was such a one-sided promise, it shouldn’t be valid! …Oh, there’s Arakita-san.
    IZUMIDA: Ah… Oh, that’s rare.
    TOUDOU: Rare? Oh, if it isn’t Arakita! Hey, Arakita! …Huh? Are you ignoring me?
    MANAMI: Toudou-san, you shouldn’t disturb him.
    TOUDOU: Disturb him? …?!! That Arakita… is reading something other than manga?!

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  11. I just read the Translation for Kagami Mini Solo Album




    Only two has been translate so far which is On the Street and Breaking Through. I JUST DIDN’T REALISED THAT ON THE STREET IS KAGAMI SINGING OUT HOW HAPPY HE IS TO MEET KUROKO!!!!

    The following is my commentary as I read the…

  12. I’m the wanted Sphinx Number 1. I’ve come to turn myself in.

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    this is some serious fanfiction shit materiel right here